Aim and Scope


Cultural Inheritance and Social Sciences are the fields of scholarship that study society. International Journal of Cultural Inheritance & Social Sciences (IJCISS) is a scholarly open access, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary and fully refereed journal focusing on theories, methods and applications of Cultural Inheritance and Social Sciences.

The main objective of (IJCISS) is to provide an intellectual platform for the international scholars and aims to promote interdisciplinary studies in the society and become the leading journal in Cultural Inheritance and Social science in the world.


 Interaction with many research centers, local, regional and international universities and civil society organizations in the areas of theoretical and applied studies of cultural inheritance as one of the most important foundations of cultural dialogue

  1. Introducing aspects of cultural inheritance and discussing different concepts and visions of human inheritance and the role that the nation’s inheritance can play in confirming its development
  2. Studying aspects of civilizational and cultural communication in the light of the human sciences.
  3. Studying the economics of cultural and civilizational inheritance in relation to the present challenges and future prospects
  4. Demonstrate the role of sustainable development in preserving cultural inheritance
  5. Creating a link between the sciences related to the cultural inheritance and the related human and applied sciences
  6. Studying policies and strategies for preserving cultural inheritance
  7. Highlighting the role of international charters and standards and their relevance to the local reality to preserve cultural inheritance
  8. Highlighting the role of cultural inheritance in promoting national identity and cultural awareness, and the role of cultural and media institutions in increasing and enriching awareness
  9. Shedding light on the role of decision-makers in including the culture of preserving cultural and inheritance data in the different stages of education
  10. Demonstrating the effectiveness of using technology in preserving cultural inheritance
  11. Highlighting the interrelationships between cultural inheritance and social sciences