Journal Topics


The journal publishes research papers in the fields of:

 First: Architectural, artistic and historical cultural inheritance

  1. Architecture, arts, archaeological and civilizational monuments through the ages
  2. Recent discoveries in the field of archeology
  3. Archeology, hotels, tourism, museums
  4. Antiquities and inheritance as a permanent resource for development
  5. The applied dimension and planning standards in the preservation of monuments and historical areas
  6. Reframing history from a civilized perspective
  7. Artistic creativity as one of the components of cultural inheritance

 Second: Literary and linguistic cultural inheritance

  1. Methods of preserving cultural identity and privacy
  2. The Sciences of Rhetoric and Literary Criticism in Inheritance
  3. The conflict of identities and its implications for literary and linguistic texts
  4. Literary and linguistic studies between present challenges and future prospects
  5. The translation movement and its role in defining the manifestations of cultural inheritance
  6. European and Arab civilization
  7. Aspects of the European cultural inheritance in the human sciences

 Third: The ideological and intellectual cultural inheritance

  1. Flags of cultural inheritance and their imprints in contemporary human thought
  2. The role of the intellectual renaissance in the development of the humanities and applied sciences
  3. Cultural inheritance and modernity
  4. Cultural inheritance and belief
  5. The clash of civilizations (the crisis of Arab culture and the prospects for openness to world cultures)
  6. Globalization and Cultural Identities
  7. Societal cultural awareness

 Fourth: the cultural and social inheritance

  1. Sociology
  2. Cultural inheritance and social change
  3. The impact of urban patterns on shaping the elements of cultural and social life
  4. Social tolerance between inheritance and change
  5. Modernity, postmodernism and the trend towards traditionalism
  6. Cultural anthropology and cultural inheritance
  7. Cultural inheritance in the light of the relationship between political science and the human sciences

 Fifth: Geographical cultural inheritance

  1. Civilizational geography and spatial variation of the components of human civilizations
  2. The role of travelers and explorers in the cultural inheritance
  3. The historical character of archaeological cities from the perspective of historical geography
  4. The foundations of building civilizations and the elements of their emergence and development
  5. The means of communication between peoples and the transmission of cultural features
  6. Urban planning, city planning objectives and types of urban plans
  7. Environmental studies, demography and development studies

 Sixth: Social Sciences

  1. Cultural inheritance in basic and applied sciences
  2. The relations of cultural inheritance with the social sciences
  3. Management, Marketing, Finance, Economics and Entrepreneurship Development
  4. Education and human resource management issues
  5. Political science, international relations and global issues
  6. Information science, communication studies, journalism and library sciences
  7. Psychology, Ethics and Work Ethics