Editorial Team


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(Editor in-chief)

Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Darwish

Professor of Archaeology, Cultural Inheritance and Social sciences

Faculty of Arts, Minia University, Egypt

Recipient of the Merit Award of Humanities 2019

Email: prof.mdarwish@gmail.com

  • He served for forty-five years in the fields of antiquities and cultural heritage.
  • Held several administrative and scientific positions at the Supreme Council of Antiquities in Egypt, the General Establishment for Antiquities in Iraq (1976-1995) and Minia University (1995 to present).
  • Director of Rosetta Archaeological District, Rosetta Museum, and Institute of Archaeological Crafts and Restoration Projects in Lower Egypt (1976-1995).
  • Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Professor, Director of the Archaeological Research and Studies Center, Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Board of Directors (2004-2016), Vice Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, and Head of the Archeology Department.
  • Director of the Rosetta Monuments Restoration Project and recipient of the Arab Towns Organization Award (1990).
  • Made a number of discoveries in Al-Ukhaidir Palace, Babylon and Samarra in Iraq.
  • Awarding three medals from the Arid platform, based at the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Minia University awarded him the appreciation award in humanities for 2019, where he contributed to the development of the university scientifically through research and leadership position and has a distinguished scientific research school.
  • Rapporteur and Chairman of the Scientific Committee and the Panel of Arbitrators in the International Conference entitled “Cultural Heritage between the challenges of the present and future prospects”, Faculty of Arts, Minia University, 2013.
  • Participated and presented researches in twenty three scientific conferences internationally and locally in the fields of archaeology and civilization.
  • Member ofa number of scientific societies and federations:
  • The Permanent Scientific Committee of Islamic and Coptic Antiquities at the Ministry of Antiquities.
  • Board of Directors of the Union of Arab Archaeologists, and Museum of Islamic Art.
  • Arid Platform for Arabic-speaking scholars, scientists and experts based in Malaya University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • The specialized advisory body of the Historical KanPeriodical, has an impact factor.
  • The International Federation of Historians, based in Baghdad, Iraq, and the Alborg Academy in Denmark.
  • the International Federation of Arabic Language, based in Beirut, Lebanon, which holds its annual conference in Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  • The Scientific Committee to examine the scientific production for the positions of professors and assistant professors specializing in Islamic monuments, Ministry of Higher Education – Egypt.
  • The scientific advisory body of the Arab Journal of Arts and Humanities, issued by the Arab Foundation for Education, Science and Arts, and the winner of the Arab impact factor, and issued the first issue in October 2017.
  • The Scientific Committee for the International Scientific Seasons (2017-2018-2019) by the Scientific Institute for Advanced Training and Studies in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • He has large number of scientific publications in Egypt and outside, and a large number of researches, in Islamic and Coptic architecture and arts, documentaries and manuscripts, in Local journals, international conferences, and international journals with impact factor.
  • He has 22 papers published in local journals, 12 in international conferences and 52 international journals with Impact Factor.
  • Published 24 scientific booksin Egypt, 12 in Noor Publishing - Germany, and 3 in Obeikan Digital Library at KSA.



Editorial Bourd

Co-Editor in-Chief

Prof. Dr. Surender K Gupta, India
Ph.D., M.Phil., M.A. Eco., M.Com.,
MBA(HRM), MBE., MBA(Marketing),

Email: surenderguta1978@gmail.com

  • Surender Kumar Gupta is Head of MBA Programme. He is an Associate Professor with specialization HRM and Marketing. His work applies on an evolutionary perspective in the field of Management.
  • Surender Kumar Gupta has received his Postgraduate and Master of Philosophy Degree from Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra and Doctor of Philosophy from ChaudhryCharan Singh University, Meerut.
  • His research work “Critical Study of Small Scale Industrial Policy and the Development of Small Scale Sector in India (During Post-Liberalization Period)” has made a huge effort in understanding the various aspects at small scale industry and M.Phil Degree from Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra.
  • He has over 18 years of experience in Industry and Management Institutes. He has guided twenty-four M. Phil research scholars and guiding eight scholars in Management studies. He has also put his efforts to guide another 27 scholars for Ph.D. and currently handling another 6 scholars for Ph.D. He has published 119 Research Papers in National and International referred Journals.
  • He has also presented thirty-five research papers in International and National UGC, AICTE sponsored conferences and seminars.
  • He has participated in many Faculty Development Programmes (FDP) like Faculty Development Programme in Operations Management at Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangluru, Staff Development Programme at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, West Bengal Sponsored by MHRD/AICTE on Supply Chain Management & E-Business and Two Week ISTE Workshop on Introduction to Research Methodologies conducted by Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and attended more than 35 seminars.
  • He has also experience in editing books, conducting courses, organizing National Level Seminars, Member in Board of Studies and Academic Council.
  • He has been acting as resource person and panel of examiners for the PG program conducted in different Colleges and Universities.
  • He is a recipient of “MOTHER TERESA SADBHAVANA AWARD, VIDYA RATTAN GOLD MEDAL NATIONAL AWARD, RAJIV GANDHI EDUCATION EXCELLENCE AWARD and “GLOBAL EDUCATION EXCELLENCE AWARD” at 12th Global Achievers Summit on Globalization of Indian Industries and World Peace at Bangkok” by the Indian Solidarity Council, International Institute of Education & Management and International Business Council for his outstanding achievements in the field of education in Indian Society of International Law New Delhi and Bangkok. Dr. BishmaNarain Singh, former Governor Former Education Minister, Justice Mr. O.P. Saxena, Mr. Joginder Singh, Former Director, Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).
  • The function was attended by eminent personalities, Ministers, Educationists and intellectuals from all over the country. He is also acting as Chief Editor, Associate Editor in many International Journals of repute.



International Editorial Board

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Abdellatif

Professor of Islamic and Coptic Antiquities

Dean of Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Mansoura University, Egypt

Email: dr.mohamed_abdellatif@yahoo.com


Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Khalil Ibrahim Bazazo

(GIS) Professor of Tourism Geography & (GIS)

Dean of Faculty of Tourism & Hospitality Management

The University of Jordan, Aqaba Branch, Jordan.

Email: ibaz2015@yahoo.com


Prof. Dr. Mohamed Nour Eldin Ibrahim El-Sabawy

Professor of Medical Geography and social scinces,

Former Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Minia University, Egypt

Email: Elsabawy@hotmail.com


Prof. Dr. Eid Abdel Wahid Ali Darwish

Professor of English Education

Dean of Faculty of Education, Minia University, Egypt

Email: outstandingeid@yahoo.com


Prof. Dr. Ashraf Salih Mohamed

Professor of Medieval history, civilization and Heritage

Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Averroes University, Holland

‏‎Editor in chief‎, Historical KanJournal

Email: mr.ashraf.salih@gmail.com


Prof. Dr. Khalaf Faris Tarawneh

Professor of Islamic architecture and Cultural Inheritance

Former Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Mutah University, Jurdan

Email: Khallf60@yahoo.com

Prof. Dr. Monica Samir Kamal Hanna

Professor of Archaeology and Cultural Inheritance

Dean of the Faculty of Archeology and Cultural Heritage,

The Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport, Aswan, Egypt

Email: monica.hanna@aast.edu



Prof. Dr. Hassan Ali Mohamed

Professor of Mass communication and social sciences

Former Dean of Faculty of Mass Communication, Suez University, Egypt

Email: Hassanali1100@yahoo.com

Prof. Dr. WaelMounir Abdel Fattah Al-Rashdan

Professor of History and Civilizations

Former Dean of faculty of Fine Arts, Yarmouk University, Jordan

Email: waelrashdan@yahoo.com


Prof. Dr. Badr Abdel Aziz Mohammed Badr

Professor of Islamic Archeology and Cultural Inheritance

Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Port Said University, Egypt

Email: szabadr@yahoo.com


Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mahmoud Eissa

Professor of Egyptology and Cultural Inheritance

Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University, Egypt

Email: ahmedessa2015_54@yahoo. Com


Prof. Dr. Hoda Mohamed Abdel-Maqsood

Professor of Egyptology and Cultural Inheritance

Head of Archaeology Department, Faculty of Arts, Minia University, Egypt

Email: Hodamohamed28800@gmail.com


Prof. Dr. Magda Ahmed Abdalla

Professor of Greco-Roman history and Archaeology

Head of History Department, Faculty of Arts, Kafr el sheikh University, Egypt

Email: drmagda2008@yahoo.com


Prof. Dr. SadakaMousa Ali

Professor of Egyptology and Cultural Inheritance

Former Head of Archaeology Department, Faculty of Arts, Minia University, Egypt

Email: dr.sadaka@yahoo.com

Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Masoud Ibrahim Abdel Moneim

Professor of Islamic Archaeology and Cultural Inheritance

Former Head of Archaeology Department, Faculty of Arts, Minia University, Egypt

Email: mhmoud.abdelmnam@mu.edu.eg


Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abo-elfetouh Mahmoud Ghoniem

Professor of Conservation and Restoration of Archaeological Materials

Faculty of Fine Arts, Minia University, Egypt

Email: fetouhm_22@yahoo.com


Prof. Dr. Esam Mohamed AbdElaziz Elwan

PhD in Strategic management and computer management

Head of Information Technology and Human Development Consultant

Al Ain University of Science and Technology, U. A. E.

Email: dresamelwan@gmail.com


Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Abdallah

Professor of archaeology conservation

The High Institute of tourism Hotel management and Restoration,

Abo Kir, Alexandria, Egypt

Email: elghnam_eb@yahoo.com


Prof. Dr. Mohamed Alatta Mohamed

Professor of Tourism development and Cultural Inheritance

Faculty of Tourism and Archeology, King Saud University, K.S.A

Email: alatta.mohammad4@gmail.com


Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Awad

Professor of Conservation & Restoration of Old Building and monuments

Faculty of Archaeology, Suhag University, Egypt

Email: dr_awad@yahoo.com


Prof. Dr. Mahmoud SaadMostafaElgendy

Professor of Archaeology and Cultural Inheritance,

Vice dean of the Faculty of Arts, Port Said University, Egypt

Email: Mselgendy@gmail.com


Prof. Dr. Hanan Mostafa Hegazy

Professor of Archaeology and Cultural Inheritance

Vice Dean of the Faculty of Arts, New Valley University, Egypt

Email: hanan.hegazy@art.nvu.edu.eg


Prof. Dr. Galal Ahmed Abubakr

Professor of Archaeology and Cultural Inheritance

Faculty of Arts, Minia University, Egypt
Email: galal.ahmed@mu.edu.eg


Prof. Dr.WahidAttia Mohamed Omran

Professor of Tourism Guidance, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels,

Director of Civilization and Heritage Centre, Fayoum University, Egypt

Email: wao00@fayoum.edu.eg


Prof. Dr. Abdel Hamid Abdel Hamid eLMorsyMasoud

Professor of Greco-Roman Archaeology

Department of Antiquities

Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University, Egypt

Email: abdelhamed.masaawd@art.asu.edu.eg


Prof. Dr. Mohamed RagabSayed Gad El Mawla

Professor of Egyptology and Ancient Egyptian Language

Faculty of Arts, Minia University, Egypt

Email: mohmed.gadelmoly@mu.edu.eg


Dr. Najat Ali Al-Tamimi

Professor of Archeology and Islamic Civilization

Faculty of Islamic Sciences, University of Baghdad, Iraq

Email: ltamimi275@gmail.com


Dr. Joudi Mohamed

Professor of Islamic architecture, desert architecture

ZianeAchour University, Djelfa, Algeria

Email: djoudi1974@gmail.com


Prof. Dr. Ali Mohamed Osman Mohamed Al - Iraqi

Professor of Philosophy in Economics

King Saud University, Riyadh. Saudi Arabia, Sudan

Email: aaliraqi.aa@gmail.com



Prof. Dr. Suhad Kadhem Almosawy

Professor of Philosophy in Urban and Regional Planning

Faculty of Urban Planning, University of Kufa, Iraq

Email: suhadk.almosawy@uokufa.edu.iq



Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abdul RahmanYounes

Head of the Department of Arabic Language

the Austrian Arab University of Science and Technology, Austria, Vienna

Email: moh.younesmoon@gmail.com



Dr. ZakariaHashem Ahmed

PhD in Islamic Archeology,

Faculty of Archeology, University of Samarra, Iraq

Email: uosamarra.edu.iq



Dr. Huda Abdel-Rahim Abdel-kader

PHD. Researcher of Geography and social sciences

Directorate of Education, Minya, Egypt

Email: queendodo15@gmail.com



Dr. Yasser HashemAlhiagi

PhD in Cultural Heritage Management and Tourism Development

King Saud University, Riyadh. Saudi Arabia, Yemen

Email: yasseralhiagi@gmail.com



Dr. Ahmed TalibAbdeldayem Khalil

Ph. D. in Egyptian Archeology and Cultural Inheritance

Faculty of Arts, Minia University, Egypt

Email: ahmed.khalil@mu.edu.eg



Dr. Shaban Mohamed Khalaf Mohamed Hamza

PHD. Researcher of Medieval History and social sciences

Sadat Academy, Egypt

Email: shabanism77@yahoo.com



SaeedSaad Abdu Rakha

General Director of Rosetta National Museum

Rosetta National Museum, Ministry of Antiquities, Egypt

Email: kingsaeedsaad76@gmail.com



Dr. Emad Adel Ibraheam

PhD. in Christian archaeology and Cultural Inheritance

Faculty of Archaeology, Luxor University, Egypt

Email: asaryelminia2012@gmail.com


Dr. Dilzoda R. Alimkulova
Associate Professor 
Doctor of Philosophy in Art Sciences (PhD) 
National Institute of Art and Design named after Kamoliddin Behzod

Dr. Jaloliddin Q. Yusubov

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Philosophy, Associate Professor

The National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek Uzbekistan 

Dr. Rasuljon R. Duschanov

Senior Lecturer, Doctor of philosophy in historical sciences (PhD)

Prof. Abdumajid A. Madraimov

Doctor of historical sciences, Professor

State Museum of the Temurids, Uzbekistan


Dr Hamidillo Lutfillaev

Doctor of philosophy in history  (Ph.D)

Researcher of Al-Beruni Institute of Oriental Studies of Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan

e-mail: hamidullo@mail.ru      

Dr Shakhlo K. Abdullaeva
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Art Criticism, Associate Professor 
Department of History and Theory of Arts, 
National Institute of Fine Arts and Design named after Kamoliddin Bekhzod,